OMG! by Cookie Jar Cannabis


So after discovering Cookie Jar Cannabis and figuring out they have that real Bay Area Cookies, I was highly motivated to go out and try something new from them. I told myself I wanted to try the Lavender Cookies this time, but after looking at the OMG I couldn’t pass it up. Not to mention it is a cross between Animal Cookies and Larry OG? YES PLEASE! After opening the bag I got a dank pungent Cookie smell that was sweet with hints of a piney and earthy aroma. The nugs were a beautiful emerald green with an abundance of tangerine colored hairs throughout. They were also covered in a fair amount of trichomes. Once I started breaking up the nugs I was hit with straight GAS. With each crack of the bud I was getting pungent surges of fueliness, I was also getting bursts of berry and lemon that I wasn’t getting much upon the initial smell. The taste from smoking this was very reminiscent of the smell, pungent with hints of a clean lemon taste upon exhale. There was also a sweet berry and earthy undertone that left a great lasting taste. The effects from this strain are extremely delightful and highly enjoyable. After only one bowl out of my bong I was overcome with a very cheerful, uplifting and carefree feeling. I had a great body high while also feeling a very cerebral and euphoric effect on my mind.  My morning was greatly enhanced after smoking this. One thing to point out is that I got cotton mouth and the munchies pretty hard after smoking this too – be prepared with snacks & a drink. You’re welcome 😉 . If you are looking for something that will slap you across the face in the best way ever, then you can’t go wrong with this OMG! Cookie Jar Cannabis continues to impress me with their true Cali cookies… this OMG! is certainly Cookie Queen Certified.B251CF7A-2F33-4D4D-A7E6-9EFF1AA6099D


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