Tiramisu by House of Cultivar


So after trying Tiramisu Cookies by Freddy’s Fuego, I went out on a Tiramisu hunt and was SO pleasantly surprised when I came across Tiramisu by one of my favorite farms House of Cultivar. This is a different cross of Tiramisu as well so I was excited to see the difference. The Tiramisu by Freddys was a cross of Animal Cookies with Bay Exclusive OG x OGKB. This tiramisu by House of Cultivar is a a cross between Long Valley Royal Kush and OGKB Cookies. I opened the jar and got such a tasty whiff; the smell was sweet with a musky twist, there were predominant notes of delicious chocolate that came through and an underlying woody and skunky aroma. When I cracked into the nugs I got hits of a pungent kick with a slight sour finish. One word to sum up the smell…. YUM! I loaded up a bowl in my bong and the taste was an earthy sweetness with hints of  chocolate too. The effects were highly satisfying and although there were similar components to the Bay Exclusive Tiramisu cross, there were definite differences that I notices as well. I was feeling very relaxed and uplifted almost immediately. My mood changed very quickly and I was left with a positive outlook and a light, enjoyable cerebral buzz. My body was also feeling very relaxed and I had some minor pain relief as well.  This Tiramisu in particular definitely left me even more content and fulfilled, it really wiped any bad mood away that I was having. I would say that if you are suffering from any anxiety or depression, this Royal Kush cross Tiramisu would be the perfect strain to grab. This cross was also less heavy on the eyes and didn’t give me the munchies as much (just a little).  The high from this is honestly the most perfectly balanced high. It truly left me feeling so happy, chill and just content. Overall just so perfect to smoke regardless of what you have to do for the day, beyond a doubt Cookie Queen Certified. cropped-logo1.png


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