Pieface by Kush Brothers

Pieface by Kush Brothers… where do I even begin? To start off with, Kush Brothers is KILLING the Washington cannabis game. The second I found out about their incredibly amazing flower I fell in love. Ever since moving to Washington, I have been on the hunt for kick ass weed that reminds me of the sticky, stanky, and danky stuff I was chiefing on in Cali. To my dismay, a majority of the bud I have tried since moving here has just fallen short of my standards. I have came across a lot that has been so dry, lacking in flavor, and just disappointing when it comes to the potency and duration of the high. The second I cracked open a jar of their bud, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Pieface is the strain that I have fallen head over heals for. Pieface is a cross of Cherry Pie and Face Off OG, a killer cross to say the least. The look of the buds are just gorgeous; they are tight and dense, and slightly longer than your average looking nug. They are a pretty bright green with deep rust colored hairs covering them. When I crack open the jar I get a delicious smell of cherry, berry sweetness with hints of lemon and pine, and a slightly earthy undertone. The smell alone is enough to make you fall in love. When I started breaking down the bud I was pleased to feel the plant sticking to my fingers from how sticky it was. The taste similar to the smell has hints of cherry and earthiness and it really leaves a great lasting taste. Immediately after smoking a bowl of this, any stress or bad mood you may be feeling begins to melt away. There is a very uplifting, happy and just chill vibe that sets in. I would consider this to be a slight creeper because after a minute the high hits a little harder than initially. The high is euphoric but with enough mental clarity to be productive. I also feel sociable and creative when I smoke this so it is perfect if you have to go out and get things done or if you are hanging out with people. One thing to point out is this strain gives me a serious case of the munchies so be prepared with snacks if you are going in on some Pieface. Overall the Pieface is a killer strain that really relaxes and uplifts without weighing you down or making you tired. Its stress relieving effects make it perfect for anyone with anxiety or depression, or anyone who is just trying to enjoy something more indica-leaning that won’t make them want to take a nap or procrastinate. Pieface by Kush Brothers, a cut above the rest, most certainly Cookie Queen Certified!  


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