Banana Split by Sky Standard Gardens


Sky Standards has quickly captured my attention and is now one of my new favorite farms in Washington. I recently tried the Cherry Pie and Gorilla Glue and they were both fire so I decided to try another strain from them. The Banana Split is a cross between Banana Sherbert and Tangie… Sherb and Tangie are two of my favorite strains so I was pretty stoked to break into this one. When I cracked open the jar I was hit with a absolutely delicious aroma of gassy banana peals with notes of berry and citrus. When I cracked open the nugs I got a pungent smell with bursts of citrus coming through. To me they were very reminiscent of Sunset Sheb with a nice tropical twist. The buds are very attractive to the eye, they are super dense and the leaves have a unique almost tubular shape. The are extremely frosty and sticky, and there is quite a bit of deep purple and curled orange hairs covering them. I smoked a few bowls out of my bong and the taste was amazing! It had a delightful banana taste that was kushy, earthy and almost woody with hints of citrus. The high from this set in pretty quickly, and I was left feeling pretty stoney and happy with a wonderful body high going on. My eyes felt a little heavy and my head was feeling euphoric. Although I felt stoney, I still felt fairly focused and even a little creative. I was really entertained with playing video games and got pretty into them, it was super enjoyable. I also found myself going to the pantry to get snacks every 5 minutes… definitely had the munchies. Overall, the mixture between the Sherb high and the Tangie high was honestly the perfect combination between body and head high, I loved it. No matter what you have planned, smoking a fat bowl of this before heading out will definitely enhance your day. This Banana Split by Sky Standard Gardens is hands down Cookie Queen Certified. B251CF7A-2F33-4D4D-A7E6-9EFF1AA6099D


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