Butter Cookies by Cookie Jar Cannabis


I came across Cookie Jar Cannabis on Instagram, and after taking a look at the fire on their page, I was determined to go out and get something from their farm to try out. I was debating between trying the Butter Cookies or the Lavender Cookies, but the Butter Cookies just looked straight heat and when I looked it up, I saw that it was a cross of Tahoe OG and Animal Cookies…. UH YES PLEASE! When I brought it home I was way too excited to get a bowl packed of it, just barely tearing the corner of the plastic and I could already smell the gas. It was a dank, pungent yet sweet smell that has a slightly earthy undertone.

pizzelleBeing Italian, I eat a lot of Pizzelle Cookies, not sure if you have tried them, but the smell was very reminiscent of those cookies to me. The buds were absolutely beautiful, looked like some true Cookies straight from Cali. They seriously looked like candy to me. The nug structure was super tight and dense and the bud glistening in a thick forest of trichomes. The color was a pretty emerald green with tons of amber pistols and droves of a gorgeous deep purple throughout. I smoked a few bowls out of my bong and the taste was also a nice smooth, and sweet taste while also slightly pungent. I highly enjoyed the effect from the Butter Cookies, I blew through it way too fast, but I just fell in love. I smoked 2 bowls out of my bong and honestly they got me feeling pretty faded. Any stress or anxiety I was feeling ceased to exist and I was left feeling extremely positive, happy and relaxed. I also had a really nice body high going on that eased any tension I was feeling. My eyes felt a little heavy and I also got a pretty good case of the munchies. This is one of my new favorite Cookie strains, no doubt Cookie Queen certified!B251CF7A-2F33-4D4D-A7E6-9EFF1AA6099D



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