Gorilla Glue by Sky Standard Gardens

81B541B7-143E-4C12-BB8D-717553BCD20C.jpegThis was the first time I have tried Sky Standard Gardens, they had been recommended to me several times, so when I saw they had Gorilla Glue at the shop I went to, I decided it was time to give them a try. First things first, I normally don’t mention the packaging of the products I try, but the artwork on these jars are too dope not to acknowledge. This jar has a dripping green gorilla head with some weed leafs coming off of him, almost looks like a Gorilla nug… I absolutely love it!!! Moving on to when I first cracked open the jar… the smell was straight GAS. There was a pungent diesel smell that was amazing and almost gives you a tingly feeling in your nose… there was also hints of pine and earthiness as well. Now these nugs were very aesthetically pleasing and have a really nice structure. They are fairly tight dense nugs that are a nice olive green shade with small patches of a deeper green and very long, dark amber hairs. The entire nug is also frosted in tons of trichomes that looked to have a bulb-like shape. When I was breaking up the nugs the bud was actually sticking to my fingers! I have been up in Washington for school for over a year now and there have been very few instances where I have came across weed that has actually reminded me of true Cali weed like this being so sticky and spongy instead of dry. I looked at the specs on this jar and it was harvested in January, so fresh! It also tested at 25% which is pretty impressive. The first bowl I smoked of this was out of my bong, the taste was a diesel like taste with a slight bitter aftertaste. The high from this strain is really awesome, I got a really nice cerebral and mentally stimulating high as well as a strong body high that felt super relaxing. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how strong the body affects were since this was a sativa-dominant strain. I went through waves of feeling mentally motivated and euphoric, and waves of feeling the body high and getting couch locked feeling more stoney. I loved it. I would say that if you are feeling that up-wave and get a burst of inspiration or motivation, take it and get productive while you can because it won’t last too long and before you know if you will be stuck. I also felt like my anxiety and pain was greatly relieved from smoking this too which was amazing. Overall I love the high from this, although you may want to be wary of smoking this first thing in the morning, regardless you will be feeling great all around after smoking this GG #4, surely Cookie Queen Certified. B251CF7A-2F33-4D4D-A7E6-9EFF1AA6099D


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