Cookies and Cream by House of Cultivar


IMG_3712Cookies and Cream is one of my very favorite strains, and I have to say, House of Cultivar really knocked it out of the park. The second I opened the jar I was hit with a delicious aroma; it smelled of vanilla cookie dough goodness, very creamy and smooth with an earthy undertone, when I cracked the nugs I got bursts of sweet vanilla that had me drooling. The nugs are a beautiful lime green color with long orange hairs that protrude from the bud; they are SUPER frosted in trichomes, and by the end of  breaking down the nugs to roll a joint, my hands were oh-so-sticky. The taste from the joint was extremely tasty, every pull flooded my mouth with a creamy sweetness, and there was a subtle nutty aftertaste. Halfway through the joint I started to feel a wave happiness and relaxation. By the end of the joint the effects were very noticeable, I was in an overall great, positive mood, and was feeling slightly euphoric and also pretty stoned. I highly enjoyed just kicking back and listening to some good music while I enjoyed the high. For anyone who is anxious, aggravated or stressed, I think this would be the perfect strain, definitely helps with overthinking, negativity and bad moods. This would also be great for a before-bed smoke, the relaxing and stoney effect makes for the perfect night sleep. This strain from House of Cultivar has been on my favorites list for quite a while, it is a MUST TRY and most definitely Cookie Queen Certified. B251CF7A-2F33-4D4D-A7E6-9EFF1AA6099D



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