Lemon Slushee by Fire Bros

Lemon Slushee by Fire Bros


I just picked up some Lemon Slushee by Fire Bros, I’ve had my eye on this strain for a while now and finally decided to go for it. Lemon Slushee is a cross between Lemon G and Grape Pie, it is a Fire Bros only cut. The buds smell very refreshing; a sweet, smooth, lemon citrus smell with hints of grapefruit and pine. So yummy!! The taste isn’t too strong, but you do get a delightful lemon taste after smoking it. The buds are pretty incredible looking, the trichomes cover the entire nug down to the stem and are very visible; the entire thing looks like it is coated in a sugary, glistening layer. The buds are a light lime green with a substantial amount of longer orange hair that protrude through. The high I got after smoking a couple bowls out of my bong was an uplifting and upbeat high. I felt motivated and inspired to get up and get things done, definitely a more energetic high. I also felt more talkative and sociable, perfect for smoking before you hang out with friends or if you are going out in general. Overall this is a great strain by Fire Bros with a delicious aroma and taste, and a positive upbeat high…. unquestionably Cookie Queen Certified. B251CF7A-2F33-4D4D-A7E6-9EFF1AA6099D


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