Dab Tool by Rough Cut Tools

Rosey Buddha Dabber


My Rosey Buddha gemstone dabber by Rough Cut Tools is definitely the most legit dab tool I have. I came across Rough Cut Tools on Instagram one day, and I fell in love with the idea that they are all custom, one-of-a-kind tools, made out of unique beads and gemstones, that are hand picked my a mother and son. Soon after landing on their page I fell in love with the Rosey Buddha dabber. It had a large unique wooden Buddha head surrounded by red coral, pink coral, rose quartz, and topped off with a pink Mountain Dew hand-blown glass tip. The picture of it looked amazing and I was really wondering how the actual dab tool would size up. The tool was shipped very fast and it was really thoroughly wrapped which was nice. I was so excited when I opened the package because it was just as aesthetically pleasing and heavy duty as it looked in the picture. It is one solid-ass dabber. The different coral and gemstone pieces look and feel super cool and the Buddha head is so cute. It is a nice larger size that fits great in my hand and feels comfortable to dab with. The tip is a spear shape perfect for breaking up shatter while still being able to hold a nice dab of sugar too. I am always getting compliments on it when people come over to dab too. I will definitely be starting a collection with some more of their tools ASAP. This dab tool is most definitely Cookie Queen Certified. B251CF7A-2F33-4D4D-A7E6-9EFF1AA6099D

Click HERE to check out Rough Cut Tools (Use code COOKIEQUEEN for 20% OFF)




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