Candyland Cookies

IMG_2652 (1)

I loved the Sunset Sherb by Treehawk so I decided to review another strain from their farm, Candyland Cookies. The strain Candyland is a mix between GDP and Bay Platinum Cookies, and just like the Sherb the smell took me back to Cali. A pleasantly sweet aroma with a hint of grape and berry and a slight earthy undertone. The taste is pretty sweet and slightly earthy as well. The buds are pretty damn beautiful; they are nice and dense and have a substantial amount of purple that shows through the thick frost of the trichomes and vibrant orange hairs. Unlike a lot of Cookie crosses, this strain is a sativa dominant hybrid, which was very apparent to me after smoking a joint of it. I felt upbeat, euphoric and focused. I also felt very relaxed and it really turned my mood around. Before smoking this joint I was having some anxiety and I wasn’t in a very good mood; after smoking it I was feeling no anxiety whatsoever and I was feeling positive and just wanting to listen to some good music (I highly recommend listening to music after smoking this strain, sooo good). Another thing to note about this strain is that it was pretty good at relieving pain for me. I had a migraine for over a day straight and after smoking the Candyland, it completely went away, which Tylenol normally doesn’t even do. Although I felt very relaxed I was very mentally focused after smoking this, I was randomly getting tasks done that I normally drag my feet on… without even thinking about it. Overall, this strain is a very chill sativa that I will keep you motivated to stay on task, while putting you in a great mood; and again, this specific strain has very much been perfected by Treehawk Farms.  This strain has been Cookie Queen Certified! B251CF7A-2F33-4D4D-A7E6-9EFF1AA6099D


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