Hypnos Zero by Linx Vapor


I recently got my first Linx Vapor pen, and I’m IN LOVE. This pen is very aesthetically pleasing, easily one of the best looking pens I own. It is very sleek and durable with a glass mouthpiece and a smooth stainless steel brushed casing. This pen is the smallest vape I own, just under 4 inches so it is super easy to conceal. Although it is smaller, it isn’t too small, it is the perfect size to fit in your hand comfortably. Ok, lets get to the good stuff. This pen has a ceramic dish atomizer… no coils in sight! It heats the concentrate up really fast, and with the great airflow in this pen, you get smooth, fat hits that have really amazing flavor. My favorite features has to be the 4 adjustable temp settings, I love the option for a nice low temp dab.  It’s also comes with a really nice case engraved with the Linx cat, it is pretty heavy duty. There aren’t really any cons to this pen, but I do want to point out two things: first, the glass mouthpiece can get dirty after a few days if you use it a good amount, I make sure to clean my mouthpiece every day or so to keep it nice. Second, if you are used to smoking bigger pens with large atomizers, you might find the ceramic dish to be on the smaller side. I personally don’t mind because I like to load it fresh every couple rips anyways to get a nice flavorful hit. Overall the Linx Hypnos Zero is an awesome vape pen and definitely one of my go-to’s, I would highly recommend it! This product has been Cookie Queen Certified! B251CF7A-2F33-4D4D-A7E6-9EFF1AA6099D


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